Purified Bovine Lactoferrin: The Versatile, Natural Gut Health Supplement

Modern medicine is buzzing about the microbiome and gut health lately — and for good reason. Inside our gut is a diverse city that trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi call home. We call this the microbiome, which is situated in a pocket in the gut called the cecum. Together, all the microbes in your gut weigh between 2-5 lbs, which is the same weight as your brain. They act as a type of organ to maintain overall health.  

Our healthy gut microbiome begins to form when we’re infants, feeding on the good bacteria and nutrients in our mother’s breast milk. These bacteria are called Bifidobacteria, and they help babies digest the sugars in breast milk we need to grow.

As we get older, our microbiome develops to include bacteria that communicate with our immune system, help digest fiber, and even control brain function. This is why a healthy gut is so important, it is central to many body processes. If something is off in the gut, we could feel it in our mood, in our ability to concentrate, and in our vitality.

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The Importance of Gut Health

What we eat has a major impact on the health of our gut and, as a result, our entire body. Gut health can diminish with a diet comprised mainly of meat, processed foods and sugars. Dehydration also plays a role in compromising gut health, as water typically helps keep the intestines smooth and flexible. Poor diet can lead to gut dysbiosis and intestinal inflammation and diseases like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), leaky gut and diverticulitis.

  • The bloating, gas and discomfort associated with IBS is likely due to gut dysbiosis, which causes microbes to produce a lot of gas and chemicals.
  • Certain good bacteria help maintain a healthy level of permeability in the gut lining. If these bacteria become unbalanced or overpowered by bad bacteria (or what is known as gut dysbiosis) the lining will no longer be reinforced and you could develop leaky gut.
  • Diverticulitis occurs when the pockets in the lower intestine, or diverticula, become infected. If left untreated, diverticulitis can lead to serious medical problems. After the second or third flare-up of diverticulitis, many people are forced to undergo surgery to remove part of their colon.

Maintaining a healthy gut microbiome ensures proper digestion and absorption of nutrients as wells as mood regulation, healthy weight, heart health, and immune health among other vital aspects of our overall health. The gut is considered healthy if all the microorganisms are balanced, with the good bacteria dominating the bad bacteria.

Purified Bovine Lactoferrin: The Master Gut Health Supplement

Lactoferrin is like the swiss army knife of proteins. It is found in mammalian breast milk and amniotic fluid, providing antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral support to the intestines of infants at birth. As we get older, lactoferrin continues to be beneficial as a gut health supplement.

Purified Bovine Lactoferrin is harvested and purified from cow’s milk. It is used as a daily supplement to prevent intestinal issues and even relieve pain from infections like diverticulitis.

  • With its antioxidant properties, lactoferrin removes oxidative stress caused by the breakdown of iron. Interestingly enough, lactoferrin also helps the body absorb iron more effectively.
  • Lactoferrin supports immune health by encouraging our fighter cells to multiply, limiting pathogen growth.
  • Lactoferrin protects the body from inflammation and subsequent damage.
  • As an antibacterial protein, lactoferrin helps to halt the growth of bad bacteria and infections, like diverticulitis.

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Purity Matters With This Gut Health Supplement

The benefits of lactoferrin can easily be compromised if the supplement is not as pure as possible. At Epiphany Therapeutics, we believe strongly in the power of bovine lactoferrin, so we take extra measures to harvest and purify our gut health supplement. With Acacia Purified Bovine Lactoferrin, you can receive the benefits of lactoferrin in the way nature intended. Ready to boost your gut health? Get your bottle of Acacia now. 

Restore The Gut Without Antibiotics

Certain gut and intestinal health issues are commonly remedied with antibiotics, which is counterproductive because antibiotics are known to kill off both bad and good bacteria. Fortunately, prescription medications are not the only option for those looking to heal their gut.

First and foremost, it is imperative to eat a healthy diet and to stay hydrated to keep your gut flora happy, balanced and functioning in your favor. Naturally derived gut health supplements like prebiotics, probiotics and purified bovine lactoferrin help maintain a healthy microbiome.

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