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Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream

Improve your skin’s appearance and find quick relief without the side effects of steroids or additives. This over-the-counter eczema treatment cream is light, petrolatum-free and always non-steroidal. Use this eczema treatment product around eyes, on hands and feet and anywhere on your body to calm eczema flare ups naturally.

  • No more eczema sleepless nights
  • Holistic, scent-free and sensitive skin approved
  • Non-greasy, atopic formula
  • Non-steroidal, fast-acting eczema treatment without a prescription


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Best Eczema TreatmentEczema Treatment Over the Counter

This moisturizing cream offers the best eczema treatment available for non-steroidal, fast relief. Our topical eczema treatment is all-natural, holistic and safe for use with …

  • Eczema around the eyes and on the face
  • Eczema hand and foot cream
  • Dyshidrotic eczema
  • Nummular eczema / nummular dermatitis

Application Tips

Apply topically and massage into affected area three times daily or as needed. For external use only. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Eczema FAQ

Can I use this eczema treatment cream on my face?

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Yes, of course, our Eksem cream is all natural and a safe eczema treatment for use anywhere on your body, including the sensitive skin on your face.

Is this a good topical cream for eczema flare ups?

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You bet. Apply Eksem for quick relief of eczema flare ups.

Is this a good over the counter cream for psoriasis? 

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Users have reported help calming the itching and redness associated with psoriasis. We also recommend you try Epiphany Therapeutic Body Cream for psoriasis.

Will it hurt me to use this eczema treatment cream if I DON’T have eczema? 

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Users have reported to find relief from itchy skin, redness and rash that is not eczema related. This all natural, atopic formula has holistic micronutrients that absorb into the skin and provide quick relief for itchiness and discomfort.



All natural eczema relief

“Over the past year, I have had several flare ups of eczema on my cheek. They begin with the skin of my face feeling hot and develop into the red, irritated symptoms of eczema.The last time the hot sensation began I applied this eczema treatment cream in the morning and again before bed. The next day the sensation was gone and no additional symptoms developed.” -Kyle S.

Alternative to eczema prescriptions

“After years of suffering with the terrible itching and redness, I finally found a product that works for eczema. Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream. I have had eczema for 30 years, and it has been primarily on my legs. The very worst of the condition has been horrible itching, most notable through the night. With the consistent itch my sleep is regularly interrupted, perhaps the worst side effect of this disease. Nothing has ever touched the itching, and though I have tried not to scratch I simply cannot help it. The result of scratching is that the redness deepens, cracks and ultimately leaves a scar. A friend told me about Eksem and I started using it right away. Almost immediately the itching subsided. Immediate means the first day! I applied the cream 3-5 times per day for the first week as my friend suggested and then reduced to 2-3 times per day. All of my symptoms quickly subsided, and then disappeared. I still apply to avoid the return of eczema and I credit this with keeping me symptom free! Symptom free from eczema for the first time in 30 years. I heard about the new $37,000 per year drug for eczema. Once I got my mind past the price, then the side-effects, it takes 12 weeks to work. Eksem gave me immediate relief, so why bother? I still have my scars to remind me how things used to be before Eksem. I’m glad those days are gone.” –Gina C. 

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  1. Gina C.

    I apply Eksem at least twice per day for my eczema: After my shower and before going to bed. The nighttime application is critical so that I can sleep through the night without the eczema coming back and keeping me awake with itch.

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