Millions of men and women endure chronic pain simply because they think they have no choice. When pain medications and alternative pain remedies have failed, most people think that their only two options are either surgery or simply living with the pain. That is, until they find Enduras Recovery Cream, an innovative topical formula that has been specifically designed to help provide lasting relief right where it is needed.

You can apply this light, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy formula anywhere on your body to help relieve aches and pains while leaving your skin soft and scent-free. If you’re struggling to manage chronic pain, don’t let it keep you from fully enjoying your life. Find out how other people are using Enduras Recovery Cream to calm their pain and get back to what they love doing.

Back Pain

Many people have seen success using Enduras Recovery Cream to reduce back pain and kick daily over-the-counter pain medications to the curb. One such success story comes from Amy, who started to have chronic lower back pain in her 40s. The pain had gotten bad enough that she found herself taking ibuprofen daily just to get through her daily activities. Then, when a friend told her about Enduras Recovery Cream, she thought she’d give it a shot.

“Now, Enduras has become a part of my daily morning and evening routine,” Amy says, “and then I also use it after I exercise. I would say that since I started using Enduras, I’m pain-free almost 90% of the time…and I never have to take any ibuprofen out of the medicine cabinet! I’m thrilled to have found Enduras, and I honestly don’t think that I could live without it now.”

After an Injury

If you’ve suffered an injury, it’s likely that you still get aches and pains, even years after your body has healed. This was the case for Charlie, who has had both knees replaced but didn’t want to give up skiing due to pain. Charlie heard about Enduras Recovery Cream through a skiing buddy, so he gave it a try.

“Enduras has done exactly what my friend told me it would do–help me manage my pain,” Charlie says. “It helps me stay active and enjoy skiing, and helps me to sleep at night. It isn’t an opiate, but it does take my pain from a 6 or a 7 to a 1 or 2. It is easy, and it works. Life is much better!”


Pain Associated with Gout

Zach has had gout since he was 17. Flares of this condition used to cause extreme pain and swelling in his feet and ankles, which could last up to a week, leaving him unable to walk. For the next few weeks, his body would be in recovery mode.

When a new flare hit, however, Zach applied Enduras Recovery Cream and had a completely different experience. “I got the bottle,” Zach says, “and immediately rubbed it into my foot and ankle, and then drove home. In the 20 minutes it took me to get home, the pain intensity already started to reduce, just a little. I put it on again when I got home, and within a few hours, I noticed that the swelling was rapidly going down and the pain was significantly better. After five applications, I woke up the next day pretty much pain-free with no swelling. By the end of that day, all of my symptoms were gone. I got another bottle right away, just in case.”


For Mark, Enduras Recovery Cream allows him to remain competitive, even when asking a lot of his body.

“I am an avid, competitive tennis player,” he says. “I play doubles with my wife 3 to 4 times per week, and singles whenever possible. Now, in my mid-50s, this pace of activity does beat me up, and pain is a regular part of life.

Then a friend told me about Enduras and challenged me to give it a try (I am not the type to complain or to go out of my way to try new pain relief products.) But I tried it, and it worked on my constantly sore shoulder, so I started using it on other areas, including for sciatica, and am convinced that this product actually works.

Simplicity, ease, and no side effects. Enduras has most definitely enhanced the quality of my life.”

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