How topical gout pain relief cream relieved Zack’s symptoms within a day

My name is Zack and I am a 23 year old man with Gout. I have had gout since I was 17. I have had 3-4 bouts per year for the past 6+ years and have tried to do what my doctor told me to do with my diet and drugs, but no matter how well I behave, I still get another flare. The only drugs I take now to alleviate it are over-the-counter Motrin or Aleve. They don’t seem to help in a way that I can tell the difference.

My normal course with a gout flare is that I get about one week’s warning with pain in one of my feet. I usually only get it in one foot/leg, but it has occurred in both at the same time. After about the first week my foot and ankle swell and I have extreme pain. This lasts for about one week, during which I cannot walk for three to five days because of the pain. After that I spend another week healing. That’s 3 weeks of serious unpleasantness.

An acquaintance from work told me about Enduras and gave me a small bottle about three months ago (he uses it for pain in his knees). Really? A lotion to apply topically for gout? I was more than a bit suspicious but accepted the gift.

I recently had another flair, but had forgotten about the Enduras until the real pain set in. I went to work, got the bottle and immediately rubbed it into my foot and ankle, and then drove home. In the twenty minutes it took me to get home the pain intensity already started to reduce, just a little. I put it on again right away and within a few hours noticed that the swelling was rapidly going down and the pain was significantly better. After five applications, I woke up the next day pretty much pain free with no swelling. By the end of that day all of my symptoms were gone. I got another bottle right away, just in case.

I haven’t been so bold as to go off my diet, but readily admit that I am far less anxious about what will happen the next time I get a flare. I know that Enduras in no way cures my gout, but if I can live a normal life without the horrible symptoms I will be a very happy man.

It made me a believer.

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