Inflammation is now one of the most talked-about terms in the health care and skin care industries because of its widespread role in a great variety of diseases and ailments. While ongoing research continues to uncover new connections between inflammation and disease, the current medical treatment options for inflammation are missing the mark in terms of how to safely and effectively control inflammation without putting the body’s immune system at risk.

Below is an overview of what inflammation is, how it affects the body and skin, and what work is currently being done to uncover new, more effective treatment options such as the best cream for inflammation treatments.

The Complexities of Acute vs. Chronic Inflammation

Acute inflammation plays a vital role in your body’s immune system response and is, in fact, a necessary component of staying healthy. The body’s acute inflammatory responses eliminate the source of cellular injury, clear out damaged cells, and initiate repairs. However, inflammation tends to get a bad rap because of the negative effects that chronic inflammation can have on the body. In the case of chronic inflammation, your body expends too much of its energy and resources trying to keep the process going. This unnecessary activation of the immune system sends the wrong messages to cells throughout the body, which can trigger or worsen nearly every type of disease imaginable, from dermatitis to Alzheimer’s and even cancer (STATnews).

Acute vs. Chronic Inflammation

Anti-Inflammatory Medications Fall Short

Although we don’t want our bodies to be constantly triggering inflammatory responses, we also don’t want to shut down their ability to activate acute inflammation in the event of an injury or infection.

The problem is that this is exactly what anti-inflammatory medications do–they prevent your body from being able to trigger its inflammatory response system, even when it is necessary. Thus, many people on these medications end up with a weakened immune system, which can lead to serious infections like cellulitis, sepsis, and even tuberculosis (STATnews). This is why it is important to find the best cream for inflammation treatment that works for you.

Best Cream for Inflammation?

Acute vs. Chronic Inflammation relief - Epiphany Therapeutics

The hope is that in the future, drug companies can focus their research efforts to target a specific cell type or group of cells that are negatively affected by chronic inflammation, without hindering the body’s entire immune response system. So far, an anti-inflammatory drug called canakinumab seems to be the most promising, but clinical trials have unfortunately found an increased risk of fatal infection and sepsis with this drug, even though it was able to reduce cancer mortality (New England Journal of Medicine).

Because there is still a long way to go until a safe and effective anti-inflammatory medication is developed and available to the public at an affordable price, many people struggling with inflammatory conditions, including dermatitis and arthritis, feel backed into a corner. For so long, their options have been to either a) accept the long list of dangerous side effects that these medications come with or b) simply try to manage their day-to-day lives without treating chronic inflammation.

That’s why Epiphany Therapeutics has focused its strategy on developing topical products that do not contain the dangerous ingredients found in the vast majority of anti-inflammatory medications, creams, and ointments that are currently available. Instead, Epiphany products rely on the natural power of essential micronutrients like vitamins A, C, and E to help provide its customers with relief from painful or uncomfortable symptoms associated with inflammatory skin or joint-related conditions. This is what makes Epiphany products the best cream for inflammation.

The Epiphany Therapeutics Difference

We stand behind our unique naturally-derived formulations, although our products are by no means considered drugs. We are simply interested in helping people to find relief from their symptoms without having to put their health at risk. If you take a look at our Testimonials Page, you’ll see that many men and women just like you have found remarkable success using our products, even when prescription medications and other traditional treatments didn’t work.

If you have questions about Epiphany Therapeutics products or would just like more information about them, please contact us online or send us a message through our Facebook page. We’re happy to help in any way that we can!

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