Thumb joint pain is becoming increasingly common due to our regular use of computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If you’re beginning to notice the first signs of stiffness, tenderness or numbness, take some steps now to minimize the stress you place on your joints to help prevent or slow the development of common problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Here are eight great tips to get you started.

1. Reduce Pressure on Your Wrists

If you type on a keyboard for long periods of time, try to make a conscious effort to reduce the pressure that you place on your hands and wrists while using the computer. Typing with less force can help to minimize strain on your thumbs that could otherwise eventually lead to inflammation, pain, and stiffness.

2. Avoid Keeping Wrists Bent at Harsh Angles

The median nerve, which runs the entire length of the upper arm and through the wrist into the hand, can become pinched or even severed in severe cases, causing carpal tunnel syndrome and other serious hand problems (Healthline). To help relieve pressure on this nerve, avoid bending your wrists at 90-degree angles, either up or down, for long periods of time. Instead, keep them fairly straigWrist Pain Reduce Pressureht while typing, lifting weights, or performing other strenuous tasks.


3. Improve Your Posture

Many of us spend a good amount of our days sitting or standing with incorrect posture, which can negatively affect the entire body, including thumbs if your applying unnecessary pressure on hands, wrists and arms. In general, it’s a good practice when sitting at your desk, to keep both feet planted on the floor in front of you, legs uncrossed, and your back straight against the back of your chair. Your neckshould be facing forward, not looking down at your computer screen or craned upward (American Chiropractic Association).Improve Posture for Back Pain

4. Relax Your Grip

Without realizing it, you may be gripping your mouse or pen too tightly and therefore putting unnecessary strain on your thumbs. Make an effort to lessen your grip and use your hands and thumbs more gently. If you’re writing, give yourself a rule of thumb, 10 minutes writing then 5 minutes rest.

5. Upgrade Your Equipment to help with Thumb Joint Pain

If you spend a lot of time performing a particular activity, whether that’s working on your computer, gardening, or another hobby, make sure the tools or equipment you use are comfortable in your hands. Consider upgrading to an ergonomic mouse or computer chair to reduce strain. If you routinely type on a keyboard, invest in a cushion to place on your desk to support your wrists while you work. Inducing blood flow in your elbows and wrists results in more movement with your thumbs and fingers. (Pain Resource).

6. Stretch Your Thumbs

Regularly stretching your thumbs can relieve pressure on the median nerve and reduce thumb joint pain and stiffness. Here are a couple of thumbs stretches you can do right at your office desk: gently shaking your hands in front of you, as if you were shaking water off of them. OR, you can touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pinky. (Healthline).

7. Take a Break

Make sure you give your thumbs frequent breaks from repetitive movements like typing, knitting, or playing a guitar. Take a minute or two to stretch, walk around, and relax your wrists to help keep them loose, flexible, and comfortable.

8. Relieve Joint Pain Naturally

If you are experiencing thumb joint pain, don’t rely on daily pain medications or harmful steroid creams just to get through your day. Try a naturally-derived anti-inflammatory cream such as Enduras Recovery Cream, designed specifically to offer men and women just like you gentle, yet effective relief from joint, muscle, and nerve pain and stiffness without harsh side effects.

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