There still isn’t a known “cure” for eczema, but there is an increasingly large number of options when it comes to prescription medications aimed at treating its symptoms. However, there are also natural solutions to alleviating eczema symptoms available independently of the drug companies. If you’ve been struggling to find an effective treatment for your dry, itchy, and cracked skin, consider these seven reasons why the answer might be to try a natural organic eczema cream.

1. Get Fast-Acting Relief from Symptoms

Topical treatment for eczema

Even the latest prescription drugs for eczema can take up to 12 weeks to work, so while you wait around for your medication to kick in, you’re left to simply deal with uncomfortable or even painful itchy skin that might be keeping you up at night.

Instead of waiting months to get eczema relief, try a natural organic eczema cream that can offer fast-acting relief from dry, irritated skin.

Many men and women have tried Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream for this reason and have found that it can begin working almost immediately after applying it.

2. Avoid Harsh Side Effects

Another drawback that appears to be in common with most traditional eczema treatments is that they come with a long list of harsh side effects. Topical steroids, for instance, can lead to thinning skin, delayed wound healing, and even topical steroid withdrawal syndrome (Indian Dermatology Online Journal).

With naturally-derived essential micronutrients such as vitamins A, C, and E, you don’t have this risk of serious side effects, no matter how often you apply them to your skin.

3. Use Natural Organic Eczema Cream on Even Sensitive Skin Types

Most people with eczema also have sensitive or easily irritated skin, due to skin barrier damage. However, many moisturizers currently available contain fragrances, preservatives, petrolatum, and other harsh ingredients that can cause further irritation and dryness. Alternatively, look for a natural eczema cream that is free of these ingredients and relies on a gentle, nourishing formula that fights inflammation.

4. Apply as Frequently as Needed

Epiphany Eksem Moisturizer Body Cream

Anyone with eczema knows that flare-ups can happen anywhere and anytime. But because topical steroids are so harsh on the skin, they must not be reapplied frequently throughout the day. Oral medications may take weeks or even months to work and cannot be taken more than prescribed.

Don’t wait around for relief from eczema symptoms. Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream is gentle enough to be used as frequently as needed, day or night, to help soothe dry, cracked, red, and irritated skin.

5. Avoid Paying Tens of Thousands of Dollars for Prescription Drugs

In case you haven’t heard, the latest eczema medication, Dupixent, comes with a $37,000 per year price tag, the majority of which may not be covered by insurance (New York Times). And if this steep cost weren’t enough, Dupixent can also cause several serious side effects, including conjunctivitis, oral herpes, and other types of HSV infections (RxList).

In the grand scheme of things, paying a little more for a natural organic eczema cream treatment is well worth it in the long run. Not only will you likely see much more effective results, but you also won’t have to foot a $37,000 annual bill.

6. Apply to Soothe Other Causes of Skin Inflammation

Eczema treatment

Although Eksem has been formulated with long-term eczema sufferers in mind, this cream can help to alleviate symptoms of dry, irritated skin, no matter what their cause. Some people have found that Eksem can effectively relieve sunburn symptoms or soothe winter itch caused by seasonal changes in the weather.

7. Natural Organic Eczema Cream Backed by Testimonials

Products like Eksem are not drugs and do not have hundreds of millions of dollars invested by Wall Street shareholders. What Eksem does have, however, is a wide range of testimonials from real people just like you who have tried it, seen amazing success themselves, and wanted to share those success stories with others who might also benefit.

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