Rash and Joint Pain: What Most People Get Wrong About These Connected Symptoms

An astounding 25 million people in America suffer from chronic pain (1). Chronic pain keeps people from participating in new activities as well as hobbies and sports they have loved for years. It is as painful for their independence as it is a physical ailment.

For those who suffer from incessant rashes–either from eczema, psoriasis or allergies–feeling uncomfortable in their own skin is a frequent occurrence. They often experience low self-esteem from the way their skin looks.

Many of the drugs on the market available to treat these symptoms come with tragic side effects. In many cases the drug becomes an unhealthy crutch in a person’s lifestyle. Despite this problem, doctors continue to prescribe these medications, and patients are left to deal with the consequences.

At Epiphany Therapeutics, our focus has always been to create products that address symptoms like rash and joint pain without side effects. We want to put control back in your hands so you can live independently from pain and discomfort without the looming threat of dangerous side effects.


New Video: Could Your Rash and Joint Pain Be Linked?

If you experience rash and joint pain, there is likely an underlying issue that links these two symptoms: inflammation.

In this video, owner and Founder of Epiphany Therapeutics, William Goolsbee tackles the subject of rash and joint pain, how they could be connected, and what you can do to keep treatment under control. He will also share his personal experience with chronic pain, and how he was able to hike 400 miles in unforgiving mountains, without any pain in his knees.

In the video, you will discover:

  • Why these symptoms show up concurrently, and the internal issue that links them.
  • The range of treatment options, from pharmaceuticals to over the counter lotions.
  • The difference between what works for a time and what really works.
  • Why treatments taken orally may not be as effective as treatments used topically.  

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