At Epiphany Therapeutics, what matters to us is that our products simply help people. The contrast is that when it comes to managing pain, this is an area that continues to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for pharmaceutical companies each year, without really ever helping people (CNBC). In fact, the widespread overuse of prescription painkillers has created an epidemic of dependency, despite the fact that these drugs aren’t actually targeting the source of the pain. They’re simply covering it up.

Our hope with Enduras Recovery Cream is that it can offer men and women who are struggling to manage joint, muscle, and nerve pain a safe and effective solution so that they can get back to living life to its fullest and stay independent for as long as possible. Read on to see just some of the ways that Enduras has made a lasting impact in the lives of real people just like you and me who were struggling to find safe and effective pain relief.

1. After Double Knee Replacement Surgery

Charlie underwent double knee replacement surgery so that he could still enjoy an active lifestyle full of skiing. While the surgery did help, Charlie found that his knees were still sore when he woke up, when he was done skiing for the day, and when he went to bed.

“A ski buddy told me about Enduras Recovery Cream and then gave me a bottle,” Charlie says. “I started applying it 3 to 5 times every day. It has helped me manage my pain, helped me to stay active, and helped me to sleep at night. It is easy and it works. Life is much better.”

2. Chronic Lower Back Pain

chronic lower back pain

Lower back pain is a common problem for both men and women of virtually all ages. For Amy, her chronic back pain began in her early 40s.

“It had started to inhibit my desire to take that spin class or go on that long hike,” Amy says. “I’ve never been a person who likes to take over-the-counter or prescription medicine, but I found myself reaching for that bottle of ibuprofen on an almost daily basis.”

Then Amy found Enduras and was, by her own admission, “skeptical at first, because it wasn’t ‘prescribed’ by a doctor.” But after using Enduras for a week, Amy’s back pain was “reduced significantly.”

“Now,” she says, “Enduras has become a part of my daily morning and evening routine, and then I also use it after I exercise. I would say that since I started using Enduras I’m pain-free almost 90 percent of the time, and I never have to take any ibuprofen out of the medicine cabinet! I’m thrilled to have found Enduras and I honestly don’t think that I could live without it now.”

3. Gout Pain

Since he was 17, Zach struggled with severe gout pain that would leave him debilitated for weeks at a time. After being given a bottle of Enduras to try, Zach had another flare-up. This time, he immediately applied Enduras to his foot and ankle.

“In 20 minutes,” Zach says, “the pain intensity already started to reduce, just a little. I put it on again right away and within a few hours, I noticed that the swelling was rapidly going down and the pain was significantly better. After five applications, I woke up the next day pretty much pain-free with no swelling. By the end of that day, all of my symptoms were gone.”

“I haven’t been so bold as to go off my diet, but readily admit that I am far less anxious about what will happen the next time I get a flare. I know that Enduras in no way cures my gout, but if I can live a normal life without the horrible symptoms I will be a very happy man.”

4. Staying Active

Mark is in his mid-50s and enjoys an active lifestyle, playing competitive tennis multiple times per week. Until he found Enduras, pain was just a regular part of life for Mark.

“I am not the type to complain or to go out of my way to try new pain relief products,” he says. “But I tried Enduras and it worked on my constantly sore shoulder, so I started using it for other problems, including sciatica, and am convinced that this product actually works.”

“Simplicity, ease, and no side effects. It most definitely has enhanced the quality of my life.“

5. Arthritis, Sciatica, and Tendonitis

Arthritis Sciatica and Tendonitis

Many people who had been struggling to manage arthritis pain, swelling, and stiffness have found that Enduras Recovery Cream does exactly what they need it to do.

Kim, who also had horrible pain due to plantar fasciitis, sciatica, and achilles tendonitis, in addition to her arthritis, found that “some symptoms (like my arthritis and tendonitis) responded very quickly, while my sciatica and plantar fasciitis took several days, improving somewhat every day. At about one week, I was pain-free. Really, no pain from anything, and life was better in so many surprising ways.”

6. Hip Bursitis

Judy actually began using Enduras to calm arthritis pain, but after seeing amazing results, she started also using the cream for hip bursitis.

“I was skeptical when I was first given a bottle of Enduras Recovery Cream,” she tells us, “but soon became a believer and use this product regularly!”

7. Repetitive Stress Syndrome

Repetitive Stress Syndrome

Mike is a professional guitarist. Like many people whose career depends on repetitive movements of their hands, wrists, or fingers, Mike began to develop pain and stiffness in his index finger and hands. But he wasn’t about to stop playing the guitar.

Enduras was a life-changer,” he says. “My hands came back to being very limber, and my pain went away in my index finger and in any other places where it hurt. I highly recommend Enduras Recovery Cream. It’s been a real life-changer for me.”

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