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Inspired Alternatives to Conventional Care

About The Epiphany Company

Managing pain takes a lot of energy. From research, to doctor appointments, to changes in your daily routine and diet to endless trial-and-error, the search for relief can leave you exhausted and distracted. Everything else in your life takes a backseat when all you want is to find something that works, something that provides relief. At Epiphany Therapeutics, we’re saying, “enough is enough.”

Epiphany’s line of topical products were developed by William (Bill) Goolsbee, who transitioned out of pharmaceutical medicine to bring his experience and knowledge to the world of natural pain relief. Each product is made with substances naturally produced by the human body or ones present in the foods we eat (or should eat) every day.

Determined to help people who felt helpless in their pain, Epiphany Therapeutics let’s people regain control over their discomfort and get back to living their lives.

After launching the full line of products, people with a diverse range of inflammation-related aches, pains and skin conditions began sharing their stories about the relief they found. Today, Epiphany is proud to be part of a larger community—one that strives for natural, anti-drug options.

Epiphany Therapeutics

Inspired Alternatives to Conventional Care


The Epiphany That Launched Epiphany Therapeutics

About the Founder & Developer, William Goolsbee

After years of dedicated work, Goolsbee retired from “Big Pharma” and went for a walk. He thought about his future, eager to spend more time outdoors skiing and hiking in the mountains. But, with lingering joint pain resulting from knee surgery, he didn’t know if that life was possible any longer. Unwilling to give up on the activities he lived for, Goolsbee grew increasingly interested in finding real, lasting pain relief.

He reexamined some of his past research, focused on deepening his understanding of life sciences and called on past colleagues he knew had similar interests. His team began developing a topical lotion (which would become Enduras) with the hope of addressing joint pain caused by inflammation.

Applying this test batch to his knee, Goolsbee noted a dramatic decrease in pain, allowing him to eventually hike approximately 45 miles a week, which would be a mere pipedream without addressing his knee pain.

Enduras Recovery Cream
Epiphany Therapeutics Founder William Goolsbee

After sharing a few more small batches within his close circle, Goolsbee received astoundingly positive feedback. Seemingly overnight, friends of friends of friends began speaking up about their pain frustrations and asking to try the products for themselves. The word spread and the team had an Epiphany.

The products manufactured by Epiphany Therapeutics supplement essential micronutrients that the body needs to function normally.  None of our products are synthetic, meaning that (beyond the bases of lotions, creams and gels) all of our ingredients are harvested from nature.

All of our lotions and creams are proudly manufactured in the United States free of parabens, fragrances, dyes, petrolatum or any animal testing.